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I post this with the deepest respect to everyone who is suffering at the hands of institutionalized racism, the elitist force of capitalism and tyrannical authority that preach a hypocritical idea of ‘justice’ and ‘freedom’. As someone across the pond, It’s devastating watching something so Orwellian happen to one of the most ‘civilized’ nations in the world. It’s clear to me, that civil rights is still a battle to be won and it’s time for the abusers of these rights to be held accountable.
RIP Michael Brown. Condolences to his family and to anyone else who is involved.
#handsupdontshoot #ferguson

Johnny Marr photographed by Tom Sheehan for Melody Maker, 1985.

Why do people think those who study ‘the arts’ are stupid?

Why do people think those who study ‘The Arts’ are stupid?

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